Note to self

Back in May, I wrote myself a note.

I didn’t put it in an envelope and send it in the mail. I didn’t attach it to my office door, so that when people walked by they would think, “Wow, someone left Mark a note. He must be really awesome and loved”. I didn’t send myself flowers and include it on the card. I simply typed it in the notes app on my iPhone.

It was just four words. But it was four words that I needed to hear. Four words that have the potential to revolutionize my relationships, my attitude, my choices, and my focus every time I read them and put them into practice.

It’s a note that I try to look at often, need to look at often. Really, every day. Maybe even hourly. Somehow, I always forget.

Want to see it? Here it is…

That’s it. Four words. Four words that can change every relationship, job, attitude, and situation you face.

It can make a better family.

It can improve your friendships.

It can change how you do your job.

It can refresh your attitude and make you see life in a completely different way.

It can make you warmer, more generous, more loving, more patient, more positive, more open, more free.

It can make you less cynical, less moody, less annoyed, less frustrated, less upset, less worried.

It can make you more dependent upon God and less dependent on yourself or others.

It can move you from a life lived for self to a life lived for others.

  • Have a relationship with a family member or friend that is in peril?
  • Can’t seem to get along with a co-worker?
  • Road rage?
  • Bad day?
  • Disappointed in others’ behavior?
  • Mad that you can’t get your way?
  • People or laws infringing upon your rights?
  • Cynical?
  • Cranky?
  • Aggravated?
  • Unmotivated?

Take out a piece of paper and pen. Or grab your smart phone/tablet and pop open that Notes app. Jot down a little note. Just four little, big, powerful, and life-changing words.

“Stop being so selfish.”

It’s not for your husband, or your friend, or your boss, or your co-worker, or the person who just cut you off in traffic.

It’s for you.

Read it every day.

And be amazed how four words become the foreword to a live well lived.

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