Relationships (and the space between us)

“This space between your heart and mine is the space we’ll fill with time.” Dave Matthews Band

I was thinking today (I do that sometimes)…

It’s funny how “a part” and “apart” mean such different things.┬áThe only difference is the space between.

Just a little thing, that space. But it makes all the difference.

We all want to be a part of something. Something bigger than ourselves. Whether it be a team, an organization (business, church, etc.), a group of friends, or a great romance. The common foundation of all of these things is relationships. And relationships are difficult. So often we feel and live apart from what we desire in our relationships with others. And why is that?

Could it be that it’s the little things in our relationships with each other that are left unsaid, not done, or deemed unimportant? It’s not the big, grandiose actions or sweeping changes that we could bring into a relationship or relationships that make us feel a part of each other (although sometimes those are necessary as well). It’s the small things that say “I understand you. I know who you are. I’m doing these small things so that, as time passes, you will know that I care about you. I’ve taken the time to tend to the little things that make you feel accepted because I get you.”

Over time, when we neglect these details, these small kindnesses between one human being and another, it begins to add up and people begin to feel hurt because of us (or resentment towards us). And they may not even know why. But the reason is that they don’t feel a part of your thoughts, your dreams, your heart. They feel apart.

A part and apart mean such different things. The only difference is the space between.

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