LoveSac, baby, LoveSac…

This. Is a LoveSac

This. Is me in a LoveSac…

Notice the look of pure bliss on my face.

I discovered this (not so) little gem in the mall today in Greenville, South Carolina.

Normally, I detest going to the mall. And by detest, I mean I’d rather sit in a dentist chair. But today I went to the mall. We’re out of town for my son’s AAU basketball tournament in South Carolina, and there was some time to kill between the end of the first game and the time when it was acceptable to check into the hotel. So I was at the mall. And I braced myself for the boredom that I would face for the next hour or so.

And then it all changed. I met the LoveSac (insert inappropriate humor here).

As you can see from the picture(s), the LoveSac (feel free to snicker each and every time I say it) is an enormous, luxury, cushioned seat/chair/lounger, complete with cushioned foot rest. It’s a bean bag chair on steroids. Soft, delightful, and super comfortable steroids, apparently.

My experience in this 8th wonder of the world led me to a few thoughts…

  • Jesus was involved in the creation of the LoveSac. I am 100% sure of this. Don’t believe me? Read this.
  • In Heaven, there will be at least one LoveSac in every residence. Possibly one in every room (also the toilets may even be made from them). If there’s not, well, then, God and I are going to have one very impassioned discussion about the matter.
  • If I lived near the Greenville mall, could I get away with escaping to the LoveSac Store every afternoon for a 30-minute, public nap in one of these things? And if so, is that reason enough to relocate my family to the greater Greenville area? Would the employees of the store eventually get tired of me? Kick me out? Ban me? And if that happened, how could I ever nap anywhere else ever again?
  • I don’t have a Man Cave. But if I did, the whole feng shui would be rooted in the presence and power of the LoveSac.
  • Pretty sure I just totally misused the concept of feng shui.
  • Now that I know the LoveSac exists, it’s going on the list of things I know I don’t need but am finding it increasingly difficult to live without. The list includes, but is not limited to…HD TV (yes, I know, I’m the last man on the planet without it), Memory Foam mattress, and giant peanut butter cups.
  • Yesterday, I blogged about the ills of sitting. Although technically you lounge in a LoveSac, disregard everything I said yesterday about the dangers of sitting if the sitting happens to be in a LoveSac.

Oh, and if anyone would like to donate a LoveSac, I know a needy person…

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