I like words. I enjoy speaking them and writing them. Crafting them in such a way that encourages, challenges, and even inspires. So a little less than a year ago, I started this blog. My hope was to engage people by sharing stories, making observations about life, and passing along some wisdom that I’ve gathered (mostly the hard way) over the years. To be honest, I wasn’t sure anybody would ever want to read them, outside of those few friends and family members who would feel sorry for me and say nice things about what I wrote out of compassion.

99 blogs later, I’m still not sure why anybody wants to read what I write, but I’m enjoying more and more this format of expressing words. Almost 60% of the blogs I’ve written have come in the past 2 months. When you keep your eyes and ears open, material just comes seemingly out of nowhere. Especially when you’re raising two precocious children. Sometimes the posts almost write themselves.

Too bad they don’t all write themselves. That would be so much easier.

Anyway, for those of you who have been reading what I write, allow me to express my gratitude that you would spend some of your time with me on a regular basis. It’s an honor and a privilege to have you as a reader. And if you’ve actually enjoyed a post well enough to share it with your friends, well, that means more to me than I can express to you. I’m just grateful.

For blog 100, I thought it would be appropriate to re-post some of my favorites. Some you may have missed, or forgotten about, or wouldn’t mind reading again. 10 sounds about right. So here goes…

1. Saying no.

2. Facebook.

3. Wilson!

4. I’m not Jesus.

5. The Space between us.

6. Charlie Sheen vs. Rob Bell.

7. Peanut Butter Cups.

8. Finishing Elementary School.

9. Wii panic.

10. Turning seven.

That was hard. Probably like asking Pongo and Perdita to pick their 10 favorite dalmatians. Or something like that.

Hope you enjoy. I’ll be back later today with two new posts about parenting. See you then.

“There’s never a wish better than this, when you’ve only got 100 years to live.”









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