Pity Party poetry

You ever felt sorry for yourself? I have. More than I’d like to admit. Found myself doing it a lot this weekend. So, of course, I wrote a poem about it. Isn’t that how everyone deals with things?

I threw a pity party for myself

Invited everyone by name

Hung streamers made from streams of tears

But no one even came

I threw a pity party for myself

And wrote it in the sky

Made a cake from sour grapes

No loyal friend stopped by

I threw a pity party for myself

Baked scones from moans and groans

Had my cake. Ate it, too

And ended up alone.

…when life gives you pity-parties, write poems about how silly and ineffective they are.

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  1. Kendra

    Mark, I always enjoy reading your blog. This one cracked me up, and also made me stop for a moment. I feel this way, too, more than I would like to admit. Thanks for putting a new perspective on it. BTW: My family watches “Good Luck Charlie”, too, and we love it!

    • Thanks, Kendra! Glad it made you laugh. At least something good came out of my sulking ;) Good Luck, Charlie is the best!


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