Welcome to My Story

Hey! I’m Mark. I’m a pastor, writer, speaker, and author of the suspense bestseller, Remember Jane

When I was a kid my family went to Disney World every year. Every. Single. Year. It was glorious. I was hooked, from a very early age, on the visual and experiential storytelling of Disney. I loved it. All of it. I still love it today.

As a teenager, I dove deep into faith in Jesus. I was fascinated by the parables he told, and how they rang true and had wisdom for my life even after a couple thousand years.

As a parent, I reveled in reading books to my children at bedtime, sharing with them (over and over) tales of the adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh or Skippyjon Jones or Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.

I’ve had a life-long fascination with good stories. I’ve experienced firsthand their power and impact.

I’ve found storytelling is one of the best ways to reach beyond differences and create a connection through common experience. It opens up opportunities to talk about the world in a way that is relatable and true. It reveals the power of hope, joy, and gratitude in a broken world.

Life is good. It is so good. It’s beautiful, really. But it’s never perfect or easy. And it often seems impossible. I’ve known indescribable happiness and unimaginable sorrow in my life.  I’ve felt the joy, laughter, and freedom of a full life in community with family and friends. I’m also well acquainted with the pain and strife this world often generates through suffering and loss.

As a person of faith, I’ve regularly been frustrated with the easy answers and borderline propaganda associated with our modern spiritual stories and teachings. I’ve often found myself thinking about people on the edges of faith. Those who would classify themselves as seekers, skeptics, or not really interested at all. Those who have been harmed or jaded by the church or its leaders. People whose lives are a mess, who occasionally doubt God’s goodness, or wonder if He’s even there at all. People who have been through tough, unexplainable experiences in their lives that religious platitudes cannot begin to address.

Where are the spiritual stories for them? 

I believe all people should have access to truth about who God is and how He acts in the world.

This is the heart of Jesus and it shaped the way He taught. A full third of His teachings were stories. His characters were relatable and real and didn’t have it all together. His settings were familiar. His plots teemed with scandal and surprise. His themes heavy on love and redemption. They were stories of hope, joy and gratitude in a broken world. And they’ve been changing the hearts of people for two thousand years.

This blog is where I attempt to tell stories like Jesus did, where I share my experiences as a father, where I explore what it means to be human.

In these pages you will find stories – some real, some fictional – that will communicate something about who God is and how He acts in the world. You will discover truths and principles I’ve learned that are accessible to people inside or outside of the faith. Or perhaps you will find help from someone a little further down the path of life.

My sincere desire is all of it will somehow reach beyond the differences between us and create a connection through our common experience. And will help you experience hope, joy, and gratitude in this broken world.