Remember Jane, a Novel

What if you could erase your most painful memory?

When Marty Drake is presented with the opportunity to erase his most painful memory by a mysterious and powerful stranger, he takes it, and finds the relief he’s long been searching for. But the ramifications of his choice send him on a journey to find the strange and powerful man in hopes of recapturing his lost memory, or risk losing all of his memories for good. 

Jane Carson made Marty Drake’s soul come alive, for the first time in his life. Now her memory is a weight dragging his soul to the depths of despair. An unexpected encounter with a wise and mystical stranger affords Marty the chance to erase Jane’s memory completely – the chance to start over. It isn’t long, however, before Marty notices he is forgetting other things; important, foundational things. Cherished childhood memories seem to be disappearing from his memory in sequential order. It’s not until he meets Ben that he begins to understand the devastating implications of his decision to tamper with his memory. Together, Marty and Ben embark on a quest to track down the mystery man who erased Marty’s memory – before all of his memories vanish forever. 

Present and past are intertwined, moving in and out of the narrative, propelling Marty from a shrouded past into an uncertain future. Who is Jane? Why was Marty so desperate to erase her from his memory? Will he remember Jane in time to save all of his other memories?

Praise for Remember Jane:

“It is a mystery and a parable with deep meaning. It touches on the hurts we face and try to understand as we live in a messy and imperfect world. This is a wonderful novel!”

“A page turner for me; I was hooked from the beginning. It had intrigue, love and life lessons.”

“This is a very moving book that tells a personal story of finding hope through adversity, joy in the midst of sorrow, and will help the reader have a renewed appreciation for life… good and bad.”

“This novel was fast paced and exciting; it captured me right from the beginning, and it kept me engaged until the last page. It resonated with me, and I would recommend it to anyone who has experienced any kind of loss.”

“I applaud Mark for his ability to connect me with grief I’ve never personally experienced, as well as his ability to help the reader uncover hope in the light of unimaginable tragedy.”